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A wedding is the most auspicious occasion in a woman’s life making her cherish the moments for a long time. It is obvious that a majority of brides want to look beautiful on their wedding day. As a result, they prefer professional makeup services for highlighting their hidden beauty with perfection enabling them to increase their confidence and esteem levels.

Siva Bridal makeup artist in Chennai specializes in all types of bridal makeovers and our main objective is to satisfy the needs of customers with modern trends. Our artists have a wide experience in bridal makeup for more than a decade and they will evaluate the requirements with special attention while offering services to clients. In fact, they enable a bride to focus more on improving her personal style with innovative ideas.

As an expert makeup service provider, we allow a bride to transform her appearance on the wedding day with unique approaches. Another thing is that our artists will use the best products while carrying out the makeup services that don’t produce any allergic reactions on the skin. Moreover, they guide the customers to choose services which exactly suit their personality.

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Bridal Makeup

A wedding day is the most important day, of course, in everyone’s life. Certainly, everyone would like to look his or her best, beautiful, bright and fresh on the occasion.

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Fashion Makeup

Are you an actor or TV artist planning to modernise your portfolio, or a model wish to transform your fashion makeup? Likewise, every Fashionista would love to give an enhanced look

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Cine Makeup

A good makeup for film will make you look more photogenic in front of the camera. In this Way, We purely believe that there is “no movie set get complete without a makeup stylist",

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Party Makeup

The Makeup for Party we offer are perfect for any “get-togethers, birthday parties, women’s social gathering or just simply an evening fun party with friends”.

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The primary objective of a makeup artist is to transform the appearance of a bride with special attention.Siva makeup studio offers all types of makeup services for a wedding with the latest trends. Whether it is religious, traditional, cultural, regional, or fashion wedding, we work closely with a bride to suggest a makeup based on the choices.

In addition, our artists will evaluate the skin tone of a bride before performing a makeup service. We offer the makeup services in all major cities across Tamil Nadu. Brides who want to witness a trendy and gorgeous look on their wedding day can seek support from us for ensuring the best results. Apart from that, it is possible for a bride to maintain the beauty for a long time that can help to create impacts on guests.

We offer makeup services at affordable rates thereby showing ways for a bride to get complete satisfaction. It is necessary to plan a makeup with an expert artist who has a wide knowledge of products and types.

Giving a new meaning to beauty with makeup services

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Bridegroom Makeup


Knowing more about Bridal makeup services

A bride should ask a makeup artist for a trial service before getting ready for a wedding. This will help to select a style that has a particular place in mind. Another thing is that a bride can get more ideas about makeup services with a trail package for making a better decision.

Siva Bridal makeup artist in Chennai offers the best bridal makeup services at reasonable prices. We provide various types of packages for a wedding allowing a bride to select a right one accordingly. Besides that, our makeup artists cover some additional services to enhance the look of a bride. Some of them include eye extensions, hair styling, pedicure, and pedicure thereby giving ways for experiencing complete satisfaction. Free quotes are available for those who want to hire services at estimated budgets.

A bride is a special person in a wedding event and she must take care of her appearance in order to create the impacts on guests. Brides who want to spice up their look in a wedding and reception should seek support from a makeup artist for enhancing the beauty to a larger extent. This is because a makeup artist knows how to make a bride look better with the latest trends.Siva makeup studio offers a complete range of wedding needs to brides at affordable prices. As an experienced artist in the makeup field for many years, we cover professional services to our customers to fulfill their expectations.

We have offices in Chennai and all major locations across India that provides excellent makeup services for all types of events with expert teams. Our main goal is to make the customers happy while evaluating their requirements. Anyone who is looking for the best Bridal Makeup Artist in Chennai can choose our services for meeting essential needs. All our makeup artists have a wide knowledge in changing the appearance of a bride with innovative approaches. They even have more exposure to global fashion trends that can help a bride to improve her confidence and self-esteem levels.

Beauty is power and makeup services contribute more to enhance the look of a beauty of a bride on the wedding day to make her more special.Siva makeup studio allows a bride to highlight her best features with modern techniques for witnessing an elegant look. Whether it is a simple, trendy, traditional, or fashionable wedding, our makeup teams will work closely with the brides to select their services based on their choices for improving the styles.

They even use high-quality brushes, organic products, and devices while carrying out the makeup services in a wedding event. Besides that, they dedicate more time and put their great efforts in making a bride more beautiful. We are a pioneer Best Wedding Makeup Artist in Chennai who can assist the brides to witness major changes.

We offer makeup services for South, North, West, and East India weddings with skilled artists. Apart from that, they show ways for learning more about the different types of services in detail for gaining more ideas quickly. Our artists specialize in contemporary, celebrity, and other makeup enabling the brides to focus more on their look.Furthermore, they give ways for looking gorgeous for the whole day to impress others effectively. It is possible to book the services in advance before the wedding to choose a package which exactly matches the personality of a bride. Our Bridal Makeup chennai packages involve different types and one can get more information about them online for making a right decision. We have a database of satisfied customers due to our excellent services, quality, and costs. In addition, we provide exclusive discounts on the packages that can save more money.

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  • “I got my marriage fixed on sep 2014 and as all girls i also had the desire of looking gorgeous on my big day,so i searched for a good professional for make up and through my friends i came to know about Mr.Siva.,and i swear he is the best makeup artist i have ever seen..he really made my special day more special with his makeup skills., He has got wonderful magic in his hands that he can turn anyone look more gorgeous with his makeup.,Not only in his profession he is best but as a person also he is real good and so friendly.,i swear he has got a very bright future in his profession and i would suggest Mr.Siva to everyone who would wish to look more gorgeous on thier big day and i also wish him all the best.,if i could give him a rating it would be uncountable.. Thank you Siva sir for the makeup you gave me on my big day which made it more unforgettable 😊😊”

  • “I want to share my experience with Siva make up. I was given the contact through my friend for my marriage. I don't believe much in make up, because the make up artist whom I had seen till that date would change how the girl will normally look. They would totally change the girl's appearance. And yes, he wasn't the first person I contacted for my bridal make over, it was one lady who made me dressed like a clown during the trial. Fearing this I was very cautious choosing the make up artist. There came my friend giving Siva anna number.I took a trial to see if it is good, to my astonishment he made me look very prettier that I have not seen my face so beautiful in all these years. I became very much happy that I will look great on my marriage. And one week before my marriage, I became sick and my face became too pale and weak. I got the same fear again on my looks. Siva Anna took the greatest responsibility to turn me so beautiful. Engagement, Marriage and Reception were the occasions he did the make up for. Each of it was unique and awesome in its own way. No words. Everyone appreciated me for choosing the best bridal make up. Thank you so much Siva Anna. Without him it would have been a total disaster. Special thanks to the hair stylist and saree draping mam. Both of them did a great job. Punctual, Perfection,Worth and dedication means Siva make up. Thank you once again"

  • “First of all. i would start with a Thanks! Thanks a lot Shiva anna for making my day ecen more memorable. He just made me look simply fabulous and stunning on my big day. Reach out to him if you want to look fabulous suring your Big day! Highly recommendeded!”

  • “I can't thank you enough shiva Anna for making me look gorgeous on my big day.I truly felt like a princess and received many compliments. All credit goes to you. I would definitely recommend you to my friends and family for awesome makeup.”

  • “If you are looking for a bridal makeup I would definitely suggest you Siva sir. Very very friendly and he definitely made up my wedding day with his makeup. Compared to any parlour styles I would really ask you to try his makeup , because every cent you spend is worth it when you want to look special and beautiful on your wedding. More than money or anything else we just want to look and feel gorgeous on our wedding, I was so impressed by his makeup and I can definitely say that even you will be once you try his makeup. The overall effect he creates with his makeup is spell bounding and I can definitely say he is very talented and gives the best for his clients. I mean no overdoing the makeup just the perfect finish !!!! Don't miss out trying his makeup for your wedding!!! And Siva sir thank you soooo much for your magic on my wedding.”

  • “ Hi! I wish to write something abt a person who is extraordinary, awesome in his Makeup Art. I went to the extreme level of disappointment for having makeup in normal parlour on my engagement. Thanks Aruna my dear for having introduced a special artist SIVA who can do miracle in makeup and make you feel that! you LOOK THE BEST. Review is very important since it talks about the truth behind reality.Thus I wanna share this, since there would be many hearts who would have been disappointed in their engagement, Just have trail makeup and find the magic behind the review of all Princess over here.YES feel it 😊”

  • “There are no words to express our thanks to Make-Up Shiva Sir. Oh My God... He made us look so special on our Big Day.. Both Make-up and Hair-do was excellent for self and my husband.. The saree was draped in an awesome manner which made me feel really confident and awesome. Thank you so much Shiva Sir and Team. Hope you make so many other Brides and Grooms look Gr8 and Confident on their Bigg Day..!!! I would definitely recommend him for any dusky Brides out there. Such promptness and dedication in work from Siva Sir right from the Trail makeup right till the end of the function..He was there for every touchup I needs and gave us so many tips on how to make the makeup stand on the stage for hours together..The product he uses is completely sweat proof and never showed patches on my face. I am so happy and satisfied that I chose him do IT for my Big day. Special mention to the hair dresser...I never realized he completed my hair do until I saw the mirror..All your makeup and Hair do needs for your day will be taken care by them..Saree....that is well another thing..draped to perfection for any model you show them..I was Overwhelmingly satisfied with the work of the complete team..I would definitely recommend for any of the upcoming weddings of my friends and relatives. Awesomeeee work team!!!!!! way to go..You are the best... 😊😊😊😊”

  • “Hi,I got married recently and Mr. Siva did the make up. His work is excellent and professional. And I must say that he understands our requirement and makes us look gorgeous and perfect and natural on the big day. Happy to have got him to do the make up for me. My best wishes to Mr. Siva and his team. Good luck.”

  • “Awesome makeup and really made by bigday wit your make up. he s so friendly towards the client and also helpfull in getting the bridal accessories . great work . wanna be the star of your day try siva make up 😊”

  • “The best make up man ever..always updated wid latest trend..even after his makeup i luk so natural on screen ... Nobody can make me luk so nice n natural other than siva”

    Sonia agarwal